Monday, February 23, 2009

This has made me blog.

Please dear God, please. Please let this girl be a fluke and not anything close to the typical American.

I haven't blogged in WEEKS because I'm so busy, but after seeing this video I felt the immediate urge to post this.

Watch if you dare - you may need a box of Kleenex. Or desires to purchase a firearm.


  1. well, i told that idiot off. But not like that'll stop ppl from believing her.

  2. How can you two sit there and have the stomach to listen to her? I have a serious pulsating headache right now.

    Aziza, seriously dont worry, no one is going to take her for real. Thank God for that.

    Vanissa I dont recommend a firearm as many people may just simply shoot themselves in the head to end the misery. OH mY GOD ... my head ...
    On the bright side, she makes people who might side with her look incredibly stupid and stuck up. No one is going to support her and risk siding with that kind of obnoxious no noxious negativity.