Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back from Inauguration Weekend in DC....

I took nearly 500 pictures, I think. I have yet to edit them.

The inauguration was all right. Might have been better for me to stay at home. We didn't get in, even with tickets, because it was so overly packed and we ended up getting stuck outside the gate. I spent most of Tuesday freezing my little toes off and disgruntled along with the rest of DC.

It was still an experience, however, and I definitely got to know DC better via their metro system. It was kind of fun that way, and I can see myself getting around fairly easily around our nation's capitol for future photo ops.

My kids are having music right now and they're improvising to action movie soundtracks. Kind of scary....they're all acting like soldiers in action.

Anyway, not much to post right now, with my pictures unedited. I'll take a look tonight.

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