Friday, January 16, 2009

Packing!! DC......This is my Lens, Lens, DC.

Little Pali boy crashed at last Sunday's protest in Times Square. Dads' are great for this sorta thing when you're still small enough to be picked up.

I know I'm cheesy. I'm just excited. There are several posts that I'm working on, but not nearly finished, because I want to put photos between commentary. It eats away at my time. I've been obsessively editing - finally finished with all the shots yesterday and got to put them all up on Flickr.

Finding a place to stay has been the main challenge of this whole thing. I have plenty of friends in Northern Virginia, but not in DC. However, through the help of many people who called many other people on my behalf, I think it's going to work out.

I've been researching the events going on Monday and Tuesday, and so far plan on attending a few protests happening on both days.

Well....time to go. Wish this Gazan Chink some luck.

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